Our Services
Buying and selling property
  • Property buying and selling transactions
  • Free inspection trip for 3 days
  • Consulting on North Cyprus areas and their infrastructure
  • Selection of a property based on your needs and wishes
  • Property tours
  • Agreeing the best purchase terms with the developer
  • Verification of all documents through a lawyer
  • Selling your properties (advertising and finding clients)
Document translation and apostilization
  • Document translation
  • Certifying translation with our notary
  • We function with five languages (English, German, Turkish, Persian and Russian).
  • If necessary we apostilize your documents
Residence permit and immigration services
  • For people who want to stay on the island, we assist them to get residence permit via high income (rent) or study (student visa)
  • We open a local bank account for you
  • Prepare all required documents for your permit
  • Accompany you to the police station for submitting your documents
  • Accelerate the approval of your residence permit
University admission in Northern Cyprus
  • We cooperate with the best universities in Northern Cyprus
  • We help you with application and invitation procedures
  • We have discounts and scholarships agreements at universities
Consulting on starting a company in Northen Cyprus
  • We are well familiar with starting a business in Northen Cyprus
  • Assistance in starting a company
  • Accounting and auditing services
  • Selection of office spaces for rent
  • Business-Visa Application
Interpreter Services
  • Assistance of our interpreter on hourly/daily request
  • Guiding and interpreting in government offices
  • Guiding and interpreting in medical institutions
  • Guiding and interpreting in kindergartens and schools
Organizing of leisure activities and tours in Northern Cyprus
  • Visiting historical monuments and landmarks
  • Visiting castles and temples
  • Tours and tastings to Olive farms
  • Wine tasting tour to Gillham Vineyard
  • Sea Fishing
  • Nightlife tour in Northen Cyprus
Our Contacts
+90 548 877 4488
Long Beach, Iskele, North Cyprus
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