Guaranteed annual income from 10%
Prices from 60,000£
Forbes 2021 Best Beachfront top 5
We are dedicated to providing quality service to buyers looking for exclusive properties in Northen Cyprus. Our team has over 10 years of experience in Real Estate.
For those searching for the best properties in Northen Cyprus, we offer large scale of objects, that meets your needs and wishes. We are dedicated to finding the perfect object that surpasses your expectations and providing you with the highest level of service and support.
Our team of multilingual experts (5 languages and counting) are highly experienced in the world of real estate and, are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. Prepared to accompany our clients throughout every step of the process, from initial contact to the end. Our team can share their knowledge and experience of the market, unveil the world to the most ideal properties available.
INVIVE will be there every step, taking part in conversations with lawyers and negotiators and reviewing everything required, ensuring that all transactions run smoothly and efficiently.Our agents will constantly communicate with clients about their needs, reporting and informing updates, and answering any question, whether big or small deal. Our main priority is to help others find happiness, fulfillment and the perfect home. Our working ethics are founded on Trust, Honesty, Experience, Hard Work, and Professionalism.

Exclusive Projects

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Why Choose Us

We provide best possible clear and high-quality work, by giving our clients access to a vast housing database, saving money through exclusive discounts and offers.
We review all real estate documentation to verify the legal cleanliness of the property, in order to eliminate the possibility of any errors during the transaction and ensure the protection of your financial interests.
We guarantee our clients complete legal assistance related to the purchase of real estate.
We take complete responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of documents preparation, through every step of the transaction process.
After purchase, our company will provide a full range of free after-sales services to help our clients adapt more quickly to their new location.

Our Free After-Sale Services

Residency Permit
Obtaining residence permit is sometimes hard and frustrating. Don't worry we can obtain it with ease for you.
Bank Account
We assist you with opening bank account. In just 1 week you will obtain new account.
Education Admission
We will help with university and school admissions for your young ones.
Relocation Support
We will help you to relocate to this beautiful island. Living and adapting in North Cyprus is very easy with proper assistance.
Property Rent
We will assist you with renting your property for short term or long term.
Driver's License
We will help you to obtain the local driver's license and help you to get used to left-hand side driving.


Contact Us and Get a Free Property Tour
Ticket and Transfer
We will help you with booking ticket to Cyprus. Once you arrive to island, we will organize transfer from airport to hotel.
Free Accommodation
We will organize and provide you with free accommodation near beach for 3 days

Real Estate Tour

Our managers will take you to familiarization tour to hand picked properties and around the island.
Legal Procedures
All legal documents and procedures will be prepared by our agents. Assistance with residency permit and opening bank account.
Contact us and get free property tour with 3 day accommodation
Inspection trip is a great opportunity to come to the Island and explore things around. All you need to do is book tickets and we will do the rest. We will arrange three nights accommodation and personally pick you up at the airport-all free.During this time, You will get to know the lovely climate, sample delicious foods and find your perfect home.