About our company
We are a registered consulting company in Northen Cyprus.
For our company the main priority is to offer the best possible real estate service to our clients, following a clear, direct and transparent business policy. We guarantee providing professional real estate services across Northen Cyprus, starting from the smallest studio apartments to the most
luxurious Villas.

Invive has proven to be a trustful company when it comes to buy, sell, or administrate your property.
Property buying process with us!
Our experts introduce the company and assist you to select the best option for you, considering all the details of the real estate market in Northen Cyprus.
We define the purpose of the purchase, preferences, needs and financial capabilities to focus on the desired segment.
We select the main criteria for choosing an object: type of property, area and location priorities, payment methods and terms, delivery date of the object, area and planning solutions, important details regarding infrastructure and other specific requests.
Under the formulated request our expert creates the list of the best offers at the moment on the market and organizes the demonstration of objects if necessary.
We make a comparative characterization of the selected options according to the main criteria of the client: purpose of purchase, investment appealing, budget, payment terms.
We make detailed calculations of the cost and payment plan. Completly and attentively accompany the conclusion of the transaction with the construction company.
Contact us and get free property tour with 3 day accommodation